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FUNdamentals of Social Dance

For those students wishing to expand their knowledge and confidence social dancing we offer FUNdamentals of Social Dance. Each FUNdamentals series covers two dances per month, and you may enroll at the start of any month. FUNdamentals is a three-month cycle. During these 3 months you'll build a strong foundation of the basics of six popular dances: Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Rumba, Cha Cha, and East Coast Swing. Each month is an independent course, and you do not need to complete all three months sequentially, although we recommend it if possible.

FUNdamentals is a one-month beginner group class that starts with the very first step and builds upon the material from each week. Each FUNdamentals series covers two dances per month (There are 3-5 classes depending on the month due to holidays, cancellations, ect). During the course you'll build up on your social dance foundation and gain confidence learning new patterns and practicing your skills. At the end of the course you will feel confident dancing to music, linking figures to create variety and interest in your dancing, and moving comfortably with a partner. This class is recommended for graduates of our Intro To Social Dance Series. Students with some previous dance experience may enroll in FUNdamentals without completing Intro To Social Dance. Please contact us if you are unsure which course is right for you.

Practice and repetition is key when learning to dance, much like learning any sport or musical instrument. For this reason many students will benefit from repeating FUNdamentals 2-3 times to fully grasp the material. Even more advanced students gain many benefits from refining and practicing their basics. This series is discounted for students who wish to enroll in the series again. Practice and repetition will give you the knowledge and confidence needed to succeed on the social dance floor. We recommend most students study FUNdamentals for 6 months (twice through the 3-month rotation) before advancing. Sign up today and learn the fundamentals with an emphasis on FUN!

Dance Shoes: We ask that students enrolled in FUNdamentals series wear ballroom dance shoes to class. Ballroom dance shoes enable you to execute movements properly and they protect your partner while dancing. You may purchase dance shoes through our studio or from an outside vendor. Please see our Guide To Buying Dance Shoes for helpful tips. If you would like assistance in purchasing shoes please contact us at 843-338-2870 to schedule a dance shoe consultation.

Monthly schedule of FUNdamentals Level I classes:

Month 1 - Waltz & East Coast Swing
Month 2 - Tango & Rumba
Month 3 - Foxtrot & Cha Cha

*** We balance our classes by leader/follower so that you have ample opportunities to practice and dance whether you sign up by yourself or with a partner. Balanced classes offer the ideal learning environment and are more enjoyable for everyone. For this reason, pre-registration is required for FUNdamentals. Registration ends 2 days before the class start date. At the end of the registration period we will notify you if the class is unbalanced and we are unable to accommodate your request for enrollment. If this should happen, we will issue you a full refund or you may request to be placed in the next available class. Enrollment is first come, first served, so please sign up early to claim your spot in class! Thank you :-) ***
Cancellation policy Our FUNdamentals series is conducted in a series format so we can build upon the material from each week. This allows you to progress in your dancing along with other students at your level. To enroll you may preregister (by purchasing the series in advance: online, over the phone, or at the studio). Please note that we do not offer refunds, credits, or make-up sessions for any classes you may miss. We do review previous material at the beginning of each class, and also offer private lessons (for an additional cost) that you may schedule to make-up any missed material. We encourage you to sign up online as soon as possible to reserve your class seat. Classes may be cancelled if less than 4 students register. Should this happen, you will be notified and your full payment will be refunded.

Should you need to cancel your enrollment; we are happy to offer a full refund if you cancel 48 hours before the series begins. Because many of our classes have waitlists; we do not offer refunds for cancellations made within 48 hours of the class start time.

If Revolution Ballroom should need to cancel a class in this series, we will be notify you as soon as possible via email. Changes to the class schedule are also posted online at https://revolutionballroom.frontdeskhq.com/schedule# Our FUNdamentals series is based on a 4-week session; however, there may be 3-5 classes depending on the month.